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2. Copyright

Kleissner & Associates remains the copyright owner of the data. By purchasing either a one-time report or by obtaining a subscription you will receive the right to,
  - Access & download the relevant data
  - Use it to identify and remediate the infections
  - Sell services around the data to the affected party
3. Kleissner & Associates is not responsible for your usage of the data.
You may NOT use the infection information to,
  - Blackmail the affected party
  - Expose the affected party or cause it in any way damage
  - Resell our data to the public or a broad community

4. We reserve the right to terminate any user account.

5. Bulk Access & Resale

Bulk access with a free account, a trial account or without an account is not allowed on virustracker.net. Bulk resale of data from virustracker.net is not allowed.
In case of violating fair-use we reserve the right to get compensation in the amount of the respective country or ultimate licenses.
We reserve the right to block any violating users and report their IPs and server to the respective abuse department and send takedown requests.

If you are interested in a regular Virus Tracker license please contact us and we can arrange API access that allows bulk download.

6. Austrian law applies. Venue for any disputes is Vienna, Austria.

7. Privacy Policy

We use https://statcounter.com/ (European provider) for anonymized visitor statistics. We do not share the statistics with any 3rd party.
We store the following account details: email, hashed password, name, address, registration & last login IP and your account status.
For every report we also store the IP address. You can delete your account at any time under Account -> Settings.

We use the collected information only for the purpose of providing you the service and enhancing the user experience. We do not share any of your personal information with any 3rd party.

8. Professional & Ultimate User Accounts

Professional and ultimate user accounts are set up by Virus Tracker® staff.
You have the option to register for a free trial account. There are no refunds.

9. Trademark

Virus Tracker is a registered trademark in the US of Kleissner & Associates. You may not use our trademark without our written permission.

If you want your IP range to be excluded from Virus Tracker and lower your security you can contact us and we'll take care of it.

10. Contact

Email: virustracker@lookingglasscyber.com