VirusTracker is the biggest botnet monitoring system in the world, tracking infections of viruses, trojans, password stealers and APTs on computers, laptops, servers, and basically any other device connected to the Internet.

We observe more than 2 million infections every day and as a result, passwords are compromised, credit cards and data get stolen, bank wires are redirected, and security breaches occur including espionage on the corporate or governmental level. VirusTracker is the only service of its kind available on the global market, providing additional cyber threat intelligence for customers to stay protected.


VirusTracker Country and VirusTracker Ultimate subscription customers can benefit from new infection heat map added to KAMS application now available in 1.4 version. This enables graphical

We have unofficial "thank you" from US governmental organizations for helping and providing the data related to ZeuS Gameover botnet. You can read more on

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